Whats New on the Railreports Website?

When new pages are added to the public website, they will also be added here as a quick reference of the most recent updates to the website. This page lists new pages and major updates, NOT new blogs or photo galleries.

Date Page Title What’s New?
 01/01/2018  Railreports Live  This new feature will be live when I am out on the line side and tables for locomotive hauled services seen and my rail travel log will be updated in live time.
 03/01/2017  Railreports Intranet  This has been removed due to lack of use and the need for space.
 07/02/2015  Links to Other Websites  This page was completely rebuilt and all linked websites were checked for connectivity and appropriate content.
 01/02/2015  Ticket Machines on HEX Trains  A page describing how to use the on-board ticket machines in German Harz Elbe Express (HEX) trains.
 22/01/2015  Railreports Archives Page  A major reworking of the archives page in order to make it less complicated to navigate. All UK sightings lists from 2006-2015 not listed in the archives.
 19/01/2015  Whats New on the Railreports Website?  This page which gives a description of any new pages or major updates to the site.
 19/01/2015  Berlin Fares Structure  A page describing the Berlin city fares structure.
 19/01/2015  Ticket Machines in Berlin  How to use ticket machines in Berlin.