Privacy Policy

The privacy policy with regard to this site is as follows:

– if you contact this site, I will only use your email address or personal details to contact you if you specifically request this.

– I will NOT disclose your email address to any third party for any reason, the only exception to this rule being in the case of libellous, slanderous or abusive email, where I reserve the right to forward copies of such communications to the police and / or the senders Internet Service Provider for further investigation.

– I will NOT use your email address for any direct or indirect unsolicited emailing. If this site offers an email newsletter, this will be of the “opt-in” type, e.g. YOU will have to request it. It will never be sent unsolicited.

– Unless you “opt-in” or otherwise give permission for your details to be held on file, (e.g. for the purposes of future contact or as a newsletter subscriber), they will be deleted from my computer, (or shredded in the case of postal communication), as soon as your correspondence has been dealt with.


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