Equipment Used

This page gives a description of some of the equipment I use onsite. All of my photography, video and audio is now in digital format and can be downloaded to a Tablet PC onsite if required or quickly transferred to my home PC for uploading to this site or to the Railreports photo archive.

eos-400d-silver Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR:
My pride and joy! This camera was purchased in February 2007 and replaced a Fuji Fine Pix 2200 compact as my “regular” camera. It has an 18-55mm lens as standard and when necessary, I also have a compatible Canon EF 90-300mm zoom lens. It has a resolution of 10.1 mega-pixels.
 panasonic_sdrh80_dvc Panasonic SDR-H80 HDD Digital Video Camera:
Purchased in January 2010 to replace my Sony Handy cam, which expired on the platform at Carlisle in September 2009. The video can be downloaded directly from the camera to my PC and from there, either edited or transferred to DVD.
 olympus_vn480-pc Olympus VN-480PC Digital Voice Recorder:
This was purchased in 2006 and is usually worn with a headset as it has a “hands free” option and allows me to note the details of the locomotive or unit I am photographing without having to stop to write the details down. Again, it can hook up to my pc or laptop and the files cane be downloaded, giving me an accurate record of what I’ve seen.
 olympus_vn732-pc Olympus VN-732PC Digital Voice Recorder:
My latest acquisition! I got this as a Christmas present in 2014. It can do everything that the VN-480PC can do but it also has a 4Gb memory, meaning I can take it on European trips without having to worry about making space on the drive when it is getting full.
  Lenovo A-7600 Android Tablet:
I bought this in January 2016, and it has turned into a useful tool. I use it to write blogs and edit the site when I’m away from home and it has assisted on several occasions in Europe by means of some of the European railway timetable apps available online. I also use it to access train running information in the UK, either using a selection of known free WiFi hotspots or by use of my mobile broadband modem (see below).
 mobile broadband modem Mobile Broadband Modem:
I have a pay as you go mobile broadband modem, used for areas where there is no free wi-fi coverage. I can’t use this abroad as it is not covered by the terms of use, by most of the hotels I use in Europe have free wi-fi anyway.

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