Personal Safety in the UK


1. Avoid dimly lit areas and enclosed areas such as tunnels and underpasses whenever possible. If you can plan your route in advance, try to stick to well lit areas where there are plenty of people about.

2. Don’t put valuables on display. Keep cameras, mobile phones etc under wraps when not in use. A camera bag can be a dead give-away to a mugger. I carry my camera equipment in a plain rucksack, or sometimes, in a “Tesco” bag! Consider carrying a personal attack alarm and a mobile phone to call the Police if you are attacked.

3. Don’t carry all your cash in the one place. Carry only a small amount of cash in a wallet with no other cards or ID in it.

4. Be aware of what is happening around you. Don’t wear headphones as they can be distracting.

5. Don’t leave your bag or rucksack lying about. Keep your eye on it. It only takes a second for a thief to steal it, also, an unattended bag may cause a security alert.

6. If you are in a station and you can see other Enthusiasts, it may be advisable to stay close to them, or at least let them know you are there. Safety in numbers, particularly at night.


Railway Specific (UK):

1. Adhere to the Network Rail Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts at all times. You can download a copy of these in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

2. NEVER trespass. Trains, especially electric trains can be almost silent in operation until they are almost upon you. In relation to trespassing, you may also be electrocuted if you stand on a live third rail. Also don’t hang over bridges, especially in 25Kv electric area. You will NOT live to tell the tale!

3. NEVER enter a depot or yard without permission. In these days of terrorist activity, being caught in this situation may bring about an ARMED RESPONSE.

4. In ALL cases, you should ALWAYS adhere to any instructions given by a Rail Worker; Security Staff or a British Transport Police Officer, even if it means having to leave a supposedly public area. It will do no good to argue. You might be arrested and it will cause problems for other Enthusiasts.

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