Rail Safety

No one make rules for the fun of it. They are there for a reason, sometimes to protect property, but mostly to keep everyone SAFE.

In my time as a Rail Enthusiast, I have seen some horrendous breaches of safety,  committed by people  wIf you pass this sign, you are both breaking the law AND endangering your life!ho have the cheek to call themselves Enthusiasts, and in a previous instance at Carlisle, where I photographed several trespassers and published their photos on my website, I received “threatening” emails relating to this, so much so, that the individual concerned had to be reported to both his Internet Service Provider and to the Police. All this because he decided to risk his life, and the lives of others for the sake of a photograph. I mean, get real people, it’s a hobby for goodness sake!

I love trains, but I wouldn’t risk my life to take a photograph of one.

In most instances, a perfectly good photo can be taken from the “right side of the fence” or from the public area of a platform, a few feet closer to the subject won’t make it any better. If a photo can’t be taken legally, you must just accept that it won’t happen and move on. Instead of trespassing to get “the” shot, use your skill as a photographer to capture the photo form a legally allowed place. Don’t ever risk your life or the lives of others by trespassing. If I see you, you WILL be photographed and the photo forwarded to the British Transport Police. This is my personal policy for several reasons:

1. It might just save YOUR life.

2 When other people see you trespassing, and getting away with it, (especially younger people), they then try it themselves and YOUR actions are then putting THEM in DANGER.

3. Think of the train crew and passengers. Do you understand just how many injuries could be caused to passengers on a fully laden train if the driver has to perform an emergency brake application because of YOU.

4. Every time these so-called “Enthusiasts” are caught trespassing by the British Transport Police or Railway Staff, it creates a negative impression in the minds of the Railway Authorities, which impedes on the thousands of law-abiding Enthusiasts.

5. Lets be clear on where we stand: In my eyes, if you pass a sign on the end of a platform or elsewhere on the railway, such as the one shown on this page, YOU ARE TRESPASSING, so smile, if I’m about YOU WILL BE ON CANDID CAMERA.

Network Rail; the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) and the British Transport Police have got together to provide a guideline for rail enthusiasts, which is replicated in full on this website.

I also have a pages relating to personal safety, both in the UK and in Central Europe, where I also spend a large amount of time photographing railways.

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