Railreports Live


Railreports ‘Live’ allows you to view listings in live time (ie as I update them).There are currently two available live pages and a table of UK locomotives, DMU’s & EMU’s seen.

loco hauled services

Loco Hauled Services: allows you to see listing of any loco hauled workings that I have seen in live time.

Information that can be seen includes: date; time; location; scheduled and actual departure & arrival times; platform (if applicable); headcode; train type; destination & locomotive number(s).



Travel Log: allows you to see my journeys made, as they progress.

Information that can be seen includes: date scheduled and actual departure and arrival times; headcode; locomotive\unit number & comments.

(Note: for reasons of personal security there will be a slight time delay in the updating of travel movements).


Online Spotter Book Button

Online Spotter Book: allows you to see UK locomotives; diesel multiple units & electric multiple-units that I have ‘spotted’. The Online Spotter Book is an updated electronic form of the famous Ian Allan ABC’s, used by generations of Enthusiasts.

Locos’ & multiple-units shown in ORANGE are the one I have seen.

(Note: The list shown are the main line registered locomotives and multiple units as of 01-03-2018. The list does NOT include preserved, engineering or non-mainline registered stock).


Clicking any of these icons will take you to a read only online spreadsheet which will hold the necessary information. Railreports ‘Live’ is only live at certain times and the current status will be indicated by the traffic light banner at the top of the page.

Although the banner may indicate offline, clicking the icons may produce previously live data.

When the live sheets are open. It may occasionally be necessary to refresh your browser in order to view updates.