Rail Simulators

A scene from Train Simulator 2012

I am a big fan of railway simulator programmes for the PC. Both the surrogate driver and signal box types of simulations.

I have no space at home for a model railway, and frankly, I haven’t got the time, energy or skill to construct one, even if I wanted to. So, with this in mind, railway simulators are definitely the way forward for me.

You may have noted elsewhere on this site, that I have said that I never had any desire to be an engine driver, but that I’d hoped my career path lay in the field of signalling, alas, that was not to be, so the excellent signal box simulations from PC Rail allow me to become a virtual signalman.

Having said that, I now find myself totally addicted to Railworks Train Simulator 2012 (Railworks 3), on which I mainly run the Glasgow – Edinburgh expansion pack for Railworks 2. The detail is absolutely superb and I find myself “driving” trains that I travel on, on a regular basis in real life.

PC Rails’ Glasgow Queen Street 1970 signal box simulator

Just the thing to while away the winter months…

I even make movies of my simulated trips, using a programme called FRAPS, which records what is seen on the pc screen and which them allows me to edit it using Windows Movie Maker.

I have a separate You tube video site for my train simulator movies. Click the link below to  go directly to the simulator youtube page, which is called “Virtualspotter”.




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