I have a RailReports Video Channel on YouTube, where I post my railway videos.

Although I’m not a serious videographer, I sometimes just set up my video camera by the line side and record what passes. At times though, I do specifically go out to take video of railway activity, particularly on my frequent visits to Europe.

I now use a Panasonic SDRH-80 digital video camera, which is so small, it can easily fit in the palm of my hand.

I edit my movies with Microsofts’ Windows Movie Maker, which is a basic part of the Windows family of PC operating systems. I find this program to be more than adequate for my movie-making needs.

In the past, I have used a full-sized VHS Panasonic M7 video camera, and I still have an archive of VHS tape-based footage from the late 1980s’ and early 1990’s, which I hope to convert to digital video and upload to You Tube when time permits. I still have the M7, though it hasn’t been out of the bag now for a long time. I eventually graduated to my first digital camcorder, in the shape of a Sony Digital 8 Handycam, which gave me sterling service until September 2009, when it promptly expired on the platform at Carlisle. It was forced into “retirement” when a quote to get the video heads realigned was more than I paid for the camera in the first place. The video from that session at Carlisle is still on tape so if anyone has a Digital 8 camera I could borrow……….

The current SDRH-80 was the Sony’s replacement.

From October 2011, I have started uploading movies of my virtual rail simulations. These are uploaded to a separate You Tube site dedicated to rail simulations called “Virtualspotter”. Please have a look at my page on Railway Simulators for more information.


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