Photography & Video

I first gained a love for photography as a member of my local Boys’ Brigade company in the late 1970’s, 

WCRC class 37, 37685 ‘Loch Arkaig’ passes Springburn on 28th April 2018 with the 1Z48 Crewe-Eastfield Passenger Loop leg of the ‘Inverclyde First Aider’ railtour. WCRC class 47, 47772 ‘Carnforth TMD’ was on the rear of the train.

 where one of the Officers taught us about SLR photography and developing and processing black and white negatives and prints. As I progressed through the organisation, I ended up teaching the class that had first fired my imagination.

My first darkroom was in my Mothers coal shed.

When I became interested in railways, I first used my Mums’ box brownie camera, then progressed to using my Dads’ 35mm SLR until a tragic day at the 1985 Haymarket Open Day, where I missed the step while climbing out of 47712 “Lady Diana Spencer” and fell a long, long way!! I survived, but the camera didn’t!!

Dad wasn’t happy, but he did eventually buy me a Zenith 35mm “Photosniper” which served me well until I went digital in 1999, first with a Fuji Finepix 2200 compact, then in 2007 with a Canon EOS 400D. You can read full details of the photographic equipment that I use on the “equipment used” page.

The story has now turned full circle as my youngest daughter now has an interest in digital SLR photography and I acquired a Canon EOS 350D for her, which she now uses frequently.




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