PKP class EU07, EU07-358 passes Szczecin Port Centralny on the 22nd of August 2016.

Here is a list of the locomotives, multiple units & rail-related vehicles seen during my visits to Poland.

Class 370:
370001 370002 370003 370004 370005 370007 370008 370009 370010
Class ED72:
ED72-015 ED72-016 ED72-017 ED72-018 ED72-021
Class ED78:
ED78-001 ED78-002 ED78-003
Class EN57:
EN57-013 EN57-030 EN57-046 EN57-110 EN57-190 EN57-334 EN57-522 EN57-523 EN57-653 EN57-659 EN57-696 EN57-716 EN57-742 EN57-773 EN57-796 EN57-805 EN57-832 EN57-861 EN57-886 EN57-891 EN57-908 EN57-928 EN57-943 EN57-949 EN57-976 EN57-977 EN57-990 EN57-992 EN57-1010 EN57-1014 EN57-1015 EN57-1025 EN57-1030 EN57-1044 EN57-1061 EN57-1080 EN57-1087 EN57-1103 EN57-1104 EN57-1148 EN57-1281 EN57-1296 EN57-1358 EN57-1369 EN57-1412 EN57-1507 EN57-1515 EN57-1519 EN57-1522 EN57-1538 EN57-1680 EN57-1735 EN57-1779 EN57-1788 EN57-1804 EN57-1825 EN57-1945 EN57-2008 EN57-2016 EN57-2020 EN57-2025 EN57-2044 EN57-2052 EN57-2057 EN57-2058 EN57-2059 EN57-2069 EN57-2074 EN57-2088
Class EN71:
Class EN74:
Class EN76:
EN76-033 EN76-041 EN76-4334
Class EP07:
EP07-186 EP07-201 EP07-207 EP07-211 EP07-312 EP07-335 EP07-362 EP07-383 EP07-385 EP07-400 EP07-422 EP07-435 EP07-480 EP07-505 EP07-1009 EP07-1015 EP07-1022 EP07-1027 EP07-1040 EP07-1069
Class EP08:
EP08-007 EP08-012 EP09-019
Class EP09:
EP09-037 EP09-040
Class ET22:
ET22-021 ET21-023 ET22-053 ET22-080 ET22-081 ET22-096 ET22-113 ET22-135 ET22-178 ET22-185 ET22-253 ET22-350 ET22-367 ET22-374 ET22-377 ET22-378 ET22-410 ET22-413 ET22-428 ET22-454 ET22-458 ET22-460 ET22-465 ET22-475 ET22-481 ET22-495 ET22-509 ET22-513 ET22-520 ET22-522 ET22-523 ET22-536 ET22-544 ET22-558 ET22-574 ET22-581 ET22-581 ET22-595 ET22-623 ET22-625 ET22-654 ET22-664 ET22-693 ET22-752 ET22-775 ET22-778 ET22-793 ET22-808 ET22-850 ET22-860 ET22-885 ET22-891 ET22-911 ET22-938 ET22-956 ET22-1022 ET22-1026 ET22-1033 ET22-1055 ET22-1083 ET22-1120 ET22-1137 ET22-1149 ET22-1215
Class EU07:
EU07-087 EU07-114 EU07-151 EU07-157 EU07-177 EU07-190 EU07-199 EU07-203 EU07-215 EU07-317 EU07-443 EU07-485 EU07-487
Class EV57:
Class M62:
M62-005 M62-1154 M62-1169 M62-3518
Class SA36:
SA36-004 SA36-006 SA36-010
Class SA103:
Class SA105:
SA105-001 SA105-010
Class SA108:
SA108-001 SA108-010
Class SA110:
Class SA132:
SA132-001 SA132-004 SA132-008 SA132-009 SA132-010 SA132-013 SA132-101
Class SA134:
Class SA136:
SA136-001 SA136-002 SA136-007 SA136-009 SA136-010
Class SA139:
SA139-001 SA139-002 SA139-003 SA139-004
Class SM03:
Class SM04:
Class SM30:
SM30-250 SM30-290 SM30-085
Class SM31:
SM31-007 SM31-062 SM31-074 SM31-087 SM31-106 SM31-138 SM31-151 SM31-155 SM31-159 SM31-462
Class SM42:
SM42-042 SM42-122 SM42-123 SM42-189 SM42-342 SM42-414 SM42-447 SM42-457 SM42-475 SM42-480 SM42-482 SM42-484 SM42-487 SM42-502 SM42-525 SM42-539 SM42-556 SM42-562 SM42-563 SM42-628 SM42-639 SM42-644 SM42-658 SM42-710 SM42-712 SM42-744 SM42-761 SM42-777 SM42-825 SM42-865 SM42-885 SM42-918 SM42-981 SM42-983 SM42-993 SM42-1044 SM42-1069 SM42-1116 SM42-1118 SM42-1119 SM42-1126
Class ST43:
ST43-008 ST43-096
Class SU42:
Class SU45:
SU45-070 SU45-246
Class SU46:
SU46-032 SU46-034
Class ASFCTPUS: Internal User (Shunter-Szczecin Port Centralny Depot):
7070 7630 WM15A WMB10

Steam Locomotive Classes:
Steam (Unclassified) (Wolsztyn Depot):
No5 No7

Class T448:
Class Ok1:
Ok1-322 Ok1-355 Ok1-359
Class Ok22:
Class Ol149:
Ol49-7 Ol49-69 Ol49-82 Ol49-95
Class Pm36:
Class: Pt47
Pt47-29 Pt47-106 Pt47-112 Pt47-143
Class Tkt48:
Tkt48-29 Tkt48-78 Tkt48-81 Tkt48-143 Tkt48-297
Class Tp3:
Tp3-36 Tp3-891
Class Tr5:
Class Ty1:
Class Ty5:
Class Ty43:
Ty43-92 Ty43-123
Class Ty51:
Ty51-37 Ty51-183 Ty51-22