Ticket Machines on HEX Trains

HEX On-Train Ticket Machine

HEX On-Train Ticket Machine


An example of a HEX DMU

An example of a HEX DMU

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HEX (Harz Elbe Express) is a private operator who operates trains to and from the Harz region of Germany from Magdeburg and Berlin. Aside from Deutsche Bahn, they are the regions principal operators, running most of the branch routes in the area. The companys main hub is Halberstadt.

HEX accepts Inter-Rail on all trains EXCEPT the Sundays only Harz-Berlin Express, where a special on-train fare, available only from the Guard. is in operation.

Within the Harz region, the ticket which is of most use to visitors is the Hopper Ticket and the instructions below relate to the on-train purchase of this type.

Instructions for Use:

Special Note: There are no English menus on HEX on-train ticket machines.

1. If there is an advert on the screen, touch to clear. A list of possible stations then appears.

2. Select the station at which you boarded the train (e.g. Quedlinburg). Note: these machines are linked to GPS with movable menus depending on where the train is so buy your ticket as soon as you board the train.

3. A list of stations then appears, along with certain other ticketing options, select ‘Hopperticket’ (in red)

4. Insert money. The machine will accept both notes and coins.

5. Take ticket and change (if applicable)