31-12-2017: Railreports on Facebook – Some Important Changes for 2018

 As from 1st January 2018, I will be broadcasting site reports and articles on the railreports blog,

Railreports for Facebook is changing. Please have a read through this article so you know what is happening.

which is hosted on the main website at http://www.railreports.co.uk .

This Facebook site (@Railreports) will continue to operate, however, the main focus will be on the website and blog. This is because at the moment, the only way of publishing tables on Facebook is to post them as an image file, which lessens their clarity and provides double work for me, at a time when I’m struggling to keep up with the work I have.
My blogs use tables to illustrate both locomotive hauled services seen and also for my travel log, both of which are an essential part of the articles I write.
The main change will be that when an article is posted on the website blog, a link will automatically appear as a post on the Facebook page. Clicking on this will take to to the Railreports website blog.
I do not allow comments on my website blog, due to problems with someone whom I caught and photographed trespassing an few years ago, posting malicious comments on the website.
I would ask that if you have comment to make on a particular post, or if you ‘like’ it; please make them on the appropriate Facebook article link page.
If you have been viewing this page over the last few days, you may already have seen some test posts and also a couple of real ones (16th & 23rd December 2017).
I will continue to post news and photos on the Facebook pages and the ‘Railreports Live’ feature plus live site information will also be widely used on this Facebook page during the coming year.
All the best.  🙂