29-12-2017: Bo’ness Winter Diesel Gala

Although I was on early shift today, I managed to pop over to Bo’ness after work to catch the latter part of

Former BR class 37 locomotive 37067 stands beside Bo’ness signal box on 29th December 2017 during the SRPS winter diesel gala.

the SRPS Winter Diesel Gala. I also managed to have a catch up with my good friends Ken & Christopher, who were also at the event.

On arrival I met up with Ken and we headed out on the line side to take a few shots, firstly at Valvehouse Crossing and then at Kinneil Halt. Unfortunately, by the time the train arrived at Kinneil Halt, it was getting a bit dark, so my photos were not too good, however, Ken, who is a videographer, managed to capture some superb shots, even in the low light.

You can check out all of Kens videos on YouTube.

After it got dark, we headed back to Bo’ness station and met up with Christopher, who had been travelling on the various trains and I did a bit of night photography, which wasn’t very good as it was hand held. Galas aren’t places where you can set up a tripod to get long exposure shots as there is always somebody wandering about in front of the picture, but I don’t grudge that, they’ve paid their money as well!

All said and done, it was an excellent and enjoyable day in the company of good friends and again, it was a credit to the SRPS volunteers, who worked hard to put on a good show.

You can view a gallery of the photos taken at the bottom of this page. Photos will rotate every 10 seconds or click on a photo to move on to the next one.

Locomotives in use were: D3558 (08443); 27001; 37067; 47643; 88005 ‘Minerva’ & P6687 (R & H shunter).

The coaching stock used was: 21241; 5028; 4856; 1730; 4831 & 4832.